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True Tot Towers | Baking Christmas Cookies

True Tot Tower | Including Your Children In Everyday Activities

This is a sponsored post. Although I received a free product, all thoughts are my own. I would never recommend something I don’t personally love! I’ve also included an affiliate link. Nothing happens if you click on it, but if you make a purchase, then I’ll receive a commission from the sales.

This past weekend, Grandma Bonnie came over to our house and made Christmas cookies with us! She was way prepared and literally came with everything we needed to make them. In other words, we were able to roll out of bed and do absolutely nothing to prepare. Every Mom’s dream, right? We were over the moon excited she came over and the kids had so much fun cutting the dough, POURING sprinkles on the cookies, and of course eating them!

Making Christmas cookies with Grandma was the perfect time to use our True Tot Tower. Olivia turned 2 this October, and she absolutely loves getting her hands in baking, washing dishes, and anything that involves helping in the kitchen. I love that she has so much fun doing all of these things with me!  However, before we had the True Tot Tower, we did not have a chair or stool that was the right size for her to be at the counter or the sink with me. Most of the time, I would be holding her on my hip trying to do two things at once.  Of course that never works the way we want!

The True Tot Tower is absolutely perfect for activities in the kitchen like making Christmas cookies. Olivia was able to be right next to Grandma Bonnie, but not in the way.  She was loving she could stand there and see everything that was happening.  When it was time to cut the cookies, it was great not having to pick her up and have her press down on them. Honestly, it made for a way less fussy toddler too!

Jakson had loads of fun as well. He was so anxious just to put sprinkles on every single cookie!  I had to laugh because he didn’t realize until we were all done cutting that he could try the cookie dough.  Once he tried it, he said, “This is way better than the real cookies!” Thank goodness he didn’t realize that at the beginning.  We would not have had as many cookies as we did or we would have had one sick boy:) Let’s just hope we have some left over for Santa:)

Click here to find the True Tot Tower.  Your littles will just adore it!

True Tot Tower | Baking Christmas CookiesTrue Tot Tower | Including Your Children In Everyday ActivitiesTrue Tot Tower | Baking Christmas Cookies

True Tot Tower | Baking Christmas CookiesTrue Tot Tower | Baking Christmas CookiesTrue Tot Tower | Baking Christmas CookiesTrue Tot Tower | Baking Christmas Cookies

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