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Wooden Toy Gift Ideas

Wooden Toy Gift Idea | Just Simply Happenstance Lifestyle Blog

I’ve included an affiliate link in this post. Nothing happens if you click on it, but if you make a purchase, then I’ll receive a commission from the sales.

  1. Leaf Puzzle
    My favorite puzzle this year! I’m always on the hunt for puzzles these days, especially for our little Olivia. She is in love with them! This leaf puzzle is perfect because each piece has a peg on it, making it easier for your little one to pick-up. This puzzle is beautifully handcrafted and handmade for either a little girl or boy.
  2. Rainbow Stacker
    An open-ended toy that is great for all ages. There are multiple ways to stack and play with this one too. The colors are super fun and a great way to begin color differentiation.
  3. Matching Game
    Twelve pictures of easily recognizable everyday animals and objects. A great gift that comes with a cotton drawstring bag for easy portability. An item that we often take on the go in our house!
  4. Hearth & Hand with Magnolia-Toy Tool Bench
    Joanna Gaines. Must I say more? A 38-piece set of play tools and a workbench for the creative soul. Complete with wooden nuts and bolts and all the necessary tools for your little one to have fun building. One of my favorites this season!
  5. Wooden Blocks
    These gorgeous blocks are made from quality Walnut, Maple, and Cherry wood. Blocks are permanently engraved on both front and black sides. Upper case letter is on the front with the corresponding picture on the back of 26 blocks. In addition, numbers 1-10 are on the front with the corresponding number of dots on the back. (36 blocks total)
  6. True Tot Tower
    This piece of handcrafted furniture is proudly made in the USA to provide a safe, stable structure for your little one to stand on while helping you! We use our True Tot Tower in the kitchen so our littles can help with baking and washing dishes. It’s amazing! The tower folds down easy for storage and is also adjustable.
  7. Toy Camera
    As a lover of pictures and all things to do with photographer, it seemed only fitting to include a toy camera:) Here is a link to a similar toy camera listed, found on Etsy! The shop owner sells a number of colors you can choose from too! Another gift perfect for a boy or girl.
  8. Coffee Maker Play Kitchen Set
    This cute looking coffee maker is a wonderful addition to any toy kitchen! Includes coffee maker, 2 mugs, 3 coffee pods, 2 spoons, milk and a sugar bowl. Now your little one can be just like Mom or Dad drinking coffee:)
  9. Egg Set
    These look exactly like real eggs! Seriously! I’m constantly on the lookout for items I can add to the girls’ kitchen, and these are perfect for pretend play. Could also be used for Easter time too!
  10. Campfire Play Set
    If you have been searching for one of these online, you may notice they are few and far between, especially a good quality one. This Campfire Play Set is handmade in the USA, and looks exactly like a real one! Ek! I’m over the moon excited for the kiddos to use it this Winter when we have cabin fever as well as next Summer when we are pretend camping in our backyard. Folds down super easy and comes with two wooden marshmallow sticks.Do you have any wooden toys that your little ones have loved to play with?  I’d love to hear!


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